Bad reception Spark, changing to 2degrees?

wron, Apr 12, 5:20am
Hi, I live in the Waitakere Ranges above Henderson and am with Spark, however where we live my reception is awful, and I can only use the phone upstairs and in one side of the house.
My wife has a cheapie Nokia old style phone, is with Vodafone and can use it both down and upstairs.
I'm looking at replacing my old Sony Z and am wondering about 2Degrees, especially with their carry over minutes and data.
I've been told that they use the Vodafone network in places where they don't have their own towers - is this correct? If that's true, could I expect similar reception to my wife's? I don't have any neighbours using 2Degrees, so I can't get anyone to pop over and check the number of bars.
Does 2Degrees have any actual shops - if so maybe they'd have a lone phone I could borrow for an hour to check?
I've never had any problems with Spark, it just reception!

vtecintegra, Apr 12, 5:29am
Just grab a prepay SIM and chuck it into your old phone - doesn't cost a lot

brapbrap8, Apr 12, 5:31am
Yes find your nearest 2 degrees shop, they will probably give you a sim card you can put in your phone to test the reception. Should have coverage if Vodafone does. My pick would definetly be 2degrees over Vodafone for the customer service alone.

2degreescare, Feb 14, 8:08pm
Hi Wron
You can pick up a 2° SIM in most dairies and petrol stations or we have stores in New Lynn and Henderson. Give us a go as we have much better reception in the area now that we built the tower on Exhibition Drive at Woodlands Park.
If it works for you our new plans offer even better value than before. Our $49 plan now has unlimited calls and texts that you can use for Aussie numbers too. Plus you can share them with up to 3 family members or friends with Family Share -
Hope to welcome you soon! :)

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