Picasa problems

I am having such a hassle with Picasa that I would be happy to pay some one to fix it. I haven't been able to email photos from there for ages , a year or two. and now I can't even download photos from my camera into the computer. aaarrgh. Anyone know where/how/what I can do ? I use Windows Live Mail, xtra, Chrome , I never know what else to tell anyone.

geek_fendie, Aug 9, 7:48 pm

Most cameras will show up as a drive letter. Open and browse to the DCIM folder. Your photos will be in there.

If you can't email images from a program, save a copy of the image to a temporary folder. Open your email program program , click the attach, browse to your copied image.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 9, 7:59 pm

any error messages

geek_king1, Aug 9, 8:04 pm

thanks r.g.nixon, yes in the past have tried to attach photos in several ways, no go. And no king1 , haven't had any error messages at all. Does anyone know of someone in Christchurch who could fix it ? I have read through all the Q&A that I can find on Google.

geek_fendie, Aug 10, 5:27 pm

I dont know why you would waste time on Picasa
Try Faststone
You can slide show with sound & 120 different changes,Bulk rename & modify your images to name a few things
You can also email an image directly from that program
& its free

geek_timberman, Feb 28, 4:24 am

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