Lap top battery charging advice please

rojill, Mar 18, 10:11pm
Running 8.1 - Is it better to leave the laptop plugged in to the charger whether on or off or better for the life of the battery to only connect the charger when battery charge drops to warning level ie. 10 % - any thoughts Ta.

gibler, Mar 18, 10:58pm
Probably a few times a month you just want to run it down to say 20% and then charge it back up.

ceebee2, Mar 19, 4:09am
The manual that came with it explains it quite clearly.

suicidemonkey, Mar 19, 4:20am
From a lot of research, here are a few facts I've picked up about lithium ion batteries:

1) Letting them run too low/completely flat too frequently is the quickest way to kill them.

2) Leaving them charged fully for too long isn't as bad as #1, but still puts stress on the cells so isn't ideal either. Some laptops have software that stops the battery charging at 80% for this reason.

3) The optimum range for the longest life is somewhere between 30-80%. This is why when you buy a new gadget, the battery charge will usually be within that range.

4) The only exception is to let them discharge completely and then fully charge once every few months. This helps to calibrate the onboard chip that tells the laptop how much charge is left.

rojill, Mar 19, 6:18am
No manual provided, apparently you access the user info via the internet

rojill, Mar 19, 6:19am
Thanks for that - will follow your advice.

suicidemonkey, Mar 19, 6:41am
No worries. The other way to do it is treat the battery however is most convenient. If the battery is removable, they're very cheap to replace when it dies in 2 years or so.

5425, Mar 19, 7:01am
Trademe sellers have batteries about $125 + = cheap .

oclaf, Mar 19, 7:07am
Yup, I agree 100% with suicidemonkey.
Don't be worried about using your battery. They are really consumables and should be treated as such. Frequent total discharges will hurt the lifespan, so best avoided, but if you need to do it, don't lose any sleep over it. It is not worth frequent inconvenience just to get a bit more life out of a battery.

I would only add:
If going on holiday for a few weeks or putting the laptop in storage, leave the battery around 50%-75%. The worst thing you could do to the battery would be to leave it fully discharged for an extended period of time.

suicidemonkey, Mar 19, 7:45am
You can pick them up for much cheaper elsewhere. Ebay is a good example. is another.

aktow, Mar 21, 2:04pm
my laptop is always on mains power so i removed the battery as it says in the booklet.

suicidemonkey, Mar 21, 9:58pm
Yep. Just make sure the battery is at around 50% charge if you store it unused for a long time.

lucky.gadgets, Apr 29, 9:24pm
If always on mains power, remove battery. 100% charge stresses the battery, coupled with the heat from the computer when on, will not ensure a long life for the battery. Before you take it out, try and get it to 75% for storage.

Below 30% and above 90% charge will be stressful for the laptop battery.
For storage purposes, charge to 75%,

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