Windows 8 & Installing Microsoft Word Professional

justme174, Apr 10, 7:51pm
What is the best version to purchase to install the Microsoft package onto a laptop running Windows 8? Q2 please is it possible to have Windows 8 removed from a laptop and the older running version installed? Thanks.

lilyfield, Apr 10, 7:58pm
Is free Libre Office not right for you?

r.g.nixon, Apr 10, 8:31pm
You don't want to replace Windows 8 with an older version - trust me. If you have an issue with it, ask here. There are options.

justme174, Apr 10, 9:34pm
Never heard of Libre Office. Always used Microsoft Prof and have this on desktop but need it on laptop as I travel around for work. Windows 8 drives me nuts BTW with using Google as you only seem to be able to open one window at a time but perhaps I just need to train myself more [sighs]. Any advice most appreciated. I'll also Google Libre Office.

justme174, Apr 10, 9:35pm
Just looked at Libre Office - looks really good. So is it compatible with Microsoft - example creating a word document off-site on laptop, can I then download it onto desktop at home into a Microsoft Word version? Thanks heaps.

neoslowmo, Apr 10, 9:43pm
You should be good to go back as far as Office 2007 running on Win8.
As far as Win8 frustrations - if its the tile interface that bugs you at the moment you can look into installing a start menu such as POKKI or similar to help you get around until you get used to the tile interface.

r.g.nixon, Apr 10, 10:15pm
I've been on Windows 8 since the earliest preview versions.
I use to make it more like XP.
I have never needed the new tiles/apps.
LibreOffice files are 99% the same as Microsofts. Some slight formatting differences will occur. Macros in spreadsheets, if used, could be an issue.

d.snell, Apr 11, 2:24am
Office 2000 onwards works fine on Windows 8.1, so if the O/P still has the installation CD for the version of Office they are currently using, just use that and install it on to your new laptop.
Using the desktop interface in 8.1 is easy and very much like any earlier version of windows. The only difference is the start menu, but that has been bought back in Win 10, which is due for general release in about 4 months, so there isn't really any need to install Win 7. Also, Win 8.1 and Win 10 are so much more responsive than 7.

neoslowmo, Apr 11, 3:29am
I know
I said 2007 if he wanted to stick to the new file format.
The Start menu in 8.1 isn't really the way it used to be.

namtak, Feb 28, 2:00pm

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