Macbook Air

likit, Mar 2, 1:52am
Can I put Microsoft Excel & Word on my MacBook or is there an equivalent Apple product

ilottl, Mar 2, 1:54am
Yes you can, just buy it.

mazdasix, Mar 2, 1:56am
Mac has its own free office suit

vtecintegra, Mar 2, 1:58am
The current version of Office for Mac is quite a way behind the Windows version - if you intend to buy outright (rather than as a subscription) it's make sense to hold off

acrobat, Mar 14, 2:06am
Equivalents programs that come free on Apple are Numbers (excel), Pages (Word) and Keynote (powerpoint). I believe all can open their counterparts so no need to buy any others.Plus of course they are all available on all devices in the iCloud so you can open and edit on whatever device you have and they are all automatically updated. Sweet.

jon9, Mar 14, 2:16am
This you get an office compatible programs for free on macbooks, bugger paying for products you don't need

diannemaloney, Mar 14, 2:38am
open office is free and works good

_drdee_, Mar 14, 3:11am
. unless you use fairly complex excel files, then things turn pear shaped.

cjdnzl, Mar 16, 12:15am
If you deal with people who use PC's then make sure you get a program whose files can be read by a PC. My life is plagued sometimes by mac lovers sending me Pages documents and other unintelligible mac offerings. Even Word for macs can balls things up for PC's reading supposedly compatible documents, things like font differences and formatting of pages can stuff up a mac document on a PC - and probably vice versa. Perhaps best of all, get a PC and join the mainstream.

r.g.nixon, Mar 16, 12:19am
Compare and weep, Apple lovers!

ryanm2, May 17, 5:26am
Windows based PC's have always been cheaper. Im not an apple lover or hater, im writing this on $399 HP notebook, we have an imac and an iphone too. Horses for courses.

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