Which powerful laptops work on SSDs ONLY?

markwolk, May 22, 9:26pm
I have trouble finding ready-made laptops with SSDs only.

There are many hybrids with HDD + SSD, and one shop told me that if I swap the HDD for an SSD, I will have to buy a new operating system.

What powerful laptops out there come straight of the box with 1 or 2 SSDs and have these minimal specs:

- 1 or 2 SSDs @ min.128GB each

- 2+ GHz processor

- 8 - 16GB RAM

- Windows 7 or 8.1 only


vtecintegra, May 22, 9:32pm
You don't need to buy a new license at all - just clone the entire disk over to the ssd.

SSDs are commonly found in small, lightweight systems like the Dell XPS 13 - generally for more powerful systems you need to add your own or find one you can configure online.

ians2, May 22, 10:07pm
I swapped my i7 laptop's HDD with firstly an SSD that I bought at Noel Leeming. I cloned the internal HDD before I swapped drives. This worked fine, swapped the existing 750 gig internal HDD with a 256 gig SDD. No problems except I was a little paranoid about the retail SSD, so I obtained from Trade-Me a Samsung 256 gig SSD and cloned the system again and installed that.

This has been running OK for the last 3 years. The other SSD is busy pretending it is an external drive in a USB enclosure now.

I never had to obtain a new operating system disk. Just cloned the existing copy. Well I did enhance it to the 'Pro' version. But that's another story.

black-heart, May 22, 10:22pm
if your shopping in chain stores you are doing it wrong.

Every well known brand has SSD models with i7's / 8 or more GB RAM.

slowenemy, May 22, 10:48pm

markwolk, May 22, 11:10pm
That's interesting; thanks!

vtecintegra, May 22, 11:30pm
That's only a ULV dual core - while these are pretty damned good these days it's still not what I'd call a powerful system.

slowenemy, May 22, 11:52pm
I agree, was just the first SSD only laptop i came across :P,
I suppose you could check out the alienware gaming laptop lineup, or any other "gaming" laptop line up :P

suicidemonkey, May 23, 12:45am
Outdated fact. The decent electronics stores prices are starting to be in line with online retailers. Warehouse stationery for example, often has the cheapest prices in the country on many laptops.

vtecintegra, May 23, 12:59am
The trouble with chain stores is that they only stock a limited (and mostly miseable) set of configuration options.

If you buy direct from Dell or Lenovo or where ever you get a lot more choices.

suicidemonkey, May 23, 12:42pm
Well I've personally had nothing but trouble with Dell reliability, and never owned a Lenovo product. But either way, when it comes to high value items I prefer to buy from a physical NZ based store that I know I can go back to if anything goes wrong with the product

The one exception is Apple who excel at after sales service.

black-heart, May 24, 4:48am
Thats probably true, but they don't do business grade gear, its home user numpty grade, with a 14 day send it away warranty if it breaks inside the 1 year. And if you want win 7 or 8, or PRO version OS choices they can't do it.

suicidemonkey, May 24, 4:59am
The 14 day send it away thing is true of most retailers, big chain stores or not. Even reputable stores like Computer Lounge do it in my experience - I got a DOA motherboard from them and had to wait a week for a replacement. That's just the way it works.

And most of the big stores offer Windows 7 options - Toshiba offer a "business" range with Win 7 preinstalled and a Win 8 license in the box. Most people don't need Pro - the only real difference is compatibility with domains.

vtecintegra, May 24, 5:05am
Toshiba's business range is pure garbage though - stick with HP, Dell and Lenovo for business grade systems

shinedog, May 24, 5:51am
MS Surface Pro 3, worth a look at maybe ?

suicidemonkey, May 24, 5:56am
They're not too bad - $700ish for a 15" laptop with an i3/i5 isn't a bad deal, it's just the build quality that is average. Anyway, the point is Windows 7 machines are still available.

vtecintegra, May 24, 8:50am
Those aren't business systems - not even close (the Tecras are but they are overpriced for the mediocre build quality you get)

suicidemonkey, May 24, 8:52am
They're marketed by Toshiba as the business line. But that's really not the point I was making.

gyrogearloose, May 24, 11:18pm

black-heart, Oct 12, 10:15pm
I haven't had a lot of failures lately but the HP pro books had a HP guy onsite with parts the next day. (wellington) also motherboard.

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