Help to choose a new multimeter

I repair computers at home and sometimes replace capacitors. I need a reliable multi meter for this. The first multi meter I bought seems to give erratic readings and I can adjust it with the little screw slot inside of it cos I aint too smart.

geek_olack, May 13, 4:19 am

Uni-T do pretty well priced, well spec'd meters. I bought a cheap multi meter to accompany my Fluke (it doesn't do capacitors) and what a piece of crap it is.
Fluke are generally regarded as the best, but pricey. Hioki, Seaward, etc etc are all extremely reliable too.

geek_ryanm2, May 13, 6:46 am

geek_d.snell, May 13, 11:01 am

Hell olack,continue manual adjustment.

geek_deodar1, May 13, 7:08 pm

Check out the UNI-T UT61E

geek_lucky.gadgets, May 13, 10:24 pm

How you gonna desolder and resolder the caps on multi-layer PCB's ?

geek_moltenfire, May 14, 7:31 pm

hi D.Snell,
. and full instructions, thank you!

geek_olack, May 15, 2:27 am

with patience - solder sucker

geek_olack, May 15, 2:28 am

if it was not so cheap it may have come with full instructions

geek_olack, May 15, 2:28 am

that is too amazing for me - thanks

geek_olack, May 15, 2:29 am

Very easily :-) a ML PCB is no real difference apart from the components are surface mounted and soldered to the exposed pads, rather than through hole mounting. They are no harder to work on, and in a lot of cases easier. A good solder braid is a must.

geek_d.snell, May 15, 11:41 am

d.snell, I made a jig that holds a computer motherboard vertical sideways and hopefully firmly enough to hold a motherboard steady so I can more easily desolder components. That cheap solder sucker works AND it came with a replacement tip!

geek_olack, May 16, 1:12 am

um, was that a multi layered computer motherboard I tried to desolder capacitors off the other day. The pins will not always push through the holes and getting them to come out sometimes because they are slightly bent requires something else.

geek_olack, May 16, 1:15 am

It may have been if it had SMD caps on it as well, but the caps you are talking about were through the hole pin mounted, so either the pin spacing on the replacements didn't match the original i.e. slightly wider or holes weren't cleared fully or the ends had been bent over and then soldered. Won't have anything to do with whether the PCB is a multilayer or not. That's why solder wick or braid is far better than a solder sucker at clearing holes.
BTW, Solder Wick on TM is a ridiculous price, $8 - $11.50 incl postage. On Ebay, identical product is $1.20 including postage.

geek_d.snell, May 16, 11:13 am

Removing the caps then removing the solder works ok but sometimes the solder stays there and I have to push the pin through the melted solder. That works. Yes those hard to remove caps had the pins bent to fit into the closer spaced holes in the motherboard. That was a teeny bit frustrating because the ends of the bent pins stick into the sides of the holes I think. lol I bought the best fake soldering station I could afford and it has lasted me well. I think it has a 7 pin connector on the iron cable to the power box. Braid occasionally works for me and the $1 flux works great. I clean the solder tips with wet and dry sandpaper and a copper wire brush and dismantle all the parts and shine them before using them again. more heat.

geek_olack, May 17, 9:21 pm

Comparing this UNI-T UT61E multi meter and this UNI-T UT139C multi meter which would you prefer? I think this will be dependent on what it is used for and honestly I would not have many clues how to use the multi meter itself but I imagine the auto measuring is going to be amazing. I am thinking I will buy one or the other and maybe buy the UNI-T UT139C.

geek_olack, May 23, 8:03 pm

I have had enough of the manual devices d.snell . I do not know enough about what I am doing to cope so well with the manual operations. I think I messed up all the three multi meters I bought by not letting them discharge before using them. I like the idea of auto range testing.

geek_olack, May 23, 8:15 pm

Can someone point out to where the Continuity feature is on this multi meter?

geek_olack, May 23, 8:17 pm

geek_olack, May 24, 12:17 am

At the 5 o'clock position. (diode and speaker symbol)

geek_gsimpson, May 24, 4:22 am

thank you.

geek_olack, May 24, 2:16 pm

multimeter dont test capacitors you need to buy or make a esr meter. i built me one that tests em still on the board but you have to make sure they are discharged, i got all info from the guy in australia the eev blog he also showed me that cheap oscilloscopes are junk and that solar rodways are bull$hit he got a multimeter videos also

geek_intrade, May 24, 3:09 pm

not for children its a professionall australian talkin.

geek_intrade, May 24, 3:20 pm

i go this as kit set solderd it up in 5h for condenser mesurment

geek_intrade, May 24, 3:54 pm

The multimeter I chose has an attachment that reads capacitor stuff from the capacitor pins. It also has an attachment that plugs into the thingamajig port on the back of the Pc. um. oh yeah, the serial port. In o longer feel useless. Oh boy oh boy a Lincoln toy.

geek_olack, Jun 4, 1:10 am

Your link are blank sire.

geek_olack, Jun 4, 1:10 am

This link works ok. Thanks. He is entertaining.

geek_olack, Jun 4, 1:11 am

he is also spot on what he tells trust me. sometimes a bit harsh but he does tells exactly how he concludes it with facts. like solar roadway bull$$. t
i purchased a 3500$ pico-automotive oscilloscope because of what he explained about scopes

geek_intrade, Jun 4, 9:18 am

for caps test look on in search for eevblog esr meter thats the thing to mesure capactors on a board without removeal. and for (multimeter review eev) on search or scroll his videos etc i am never on his website my self
i just whatch most of his videos as there is often good technical insights when he pulls stuff apart.
last button Search channel function on his videos

geek_intrade, Sep 20, 5:06 pm

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