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tel4, Mar 9, 8:46am
Currently with Orcon. Switched to them about 4 years ago. hey had a special deal of $70 (Bronze) plus extra GB to 25GB. At the time of sign up it was gauranteed the price could never increase. So here we are now they are axing the plan it seems, and putting onto a new plan. I understand thre reasons, but a deal is a deal.

If I cant get them to pull their head in and re-intate the original contract, I was thinking of FLIP with the carry over minutes and data plan $65 incl 60GB. Plenty of data for my needs.

Need feedback on them re reliability etc. I understand that FLIP, ORCON and Slinshot are part of the same group anyway, so same hardware ? Thanks

macman26, Mar 9, 8:57am
We just changed over to Slingshot naked dsl and voip phone, $70 a month with 80Gb data and 500 min landline calls nz,aussie and heaps of other countries. Better deal than telecom.
I tried Flip but the cheap deal not available where we are.

kaddiew, Mar 10, 11:38pm
My Vodafone 40GB plus landline plan for $75 month incuded 5 "free" Best Mates national landline numbers. Now that the contract's about to roll over, it's $79 month and the Best Mates freebie is no longer.

I'm a very low GB user, and after a morning on hold, VF has now offered me a slightly cheaper monthly price, but with NO contract. On the one hand I'd not be locked in; on the other, I'd be subject to a price change at any time.

Has anyone taken this option?

trad, Mar 11, 2:11am
I am with Flip and am pleased with it. $60 per month for 20gb broadband, land line, carry over data, free national calling up to one hour per call, no contract. Has recently increased from $55 pm.

kaddiew, Mar 11, 2:37am
That's such a good deal. I just wish Flip covered my area.

After another 45 minutes on hold with VF I've learned that the reduced 'no contract' price they offered me means I would now have to pay for all calls in my local calling area (Wgtn) apart from my immediate vicinity (Kapiti). And when I pushed, was told that a price rise at any time "wasn't impossible".
Hardly worth the risk, so guess I'm paying their top $$.

tintop, Mar 11, 3:04am
Have a look at Actrix.

Voted best customer service by members.

Certainly the best isp have had since the very early days of ihug :)

wotz_it_2_ya, Mar 11, 9:11am
Does Consumer have any members under 80? Not necessarily a useful survey.

tintop, Mar 11, 7:18pm
Its a comparative survey, age does not really matter. But if you think it is a factor - Ask them. Let us all know what they say.

Or did you just feel that a silly comment was needed ?

tel4, Mar 31, 9:23am
UPDATE. Thanks to above suggestions, and while I was thinking about it tonight, a door knocker appeared tonight from SPARK.

Deal is $69 per month, 40GB, new 3 in 1 modem, free phone line and toll calls (NZ) chucked in, $65 free off 1st month, Free LIGHTBOX. Connection fee waived. 12 month term. 40GB is enuf for us.

Not advertised on SPARK website, so anyone thinking of it might like to pressure them into getting the same deal.

daryl14, Mar 31, 11:05am
Anyone remember when Telecom offered all you can eat internet for a set monthly fee and then pulled the pin on it, only to be taken to court by all the customers?

mr-word, Mar 31, 11:14am
That was go large in 2006. Then they had bigtime in 2009.

serpico_nz, Mar 31, 6:32pm
Yeah because the speed was terrible from like 4PM to 2AM. so no one who works could come home and enjoy the internet. it was a rip off big time.

ford_transit, Mar 30, 4:28pm
seems you are just making work for yourself, can't you get a similar deal to the others with Orcon

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