Cause Toshiba Notebook problems?

andrew697, Apr 19, 10:08pm
I have a Toshiba Satellite L850 notebook. Lately, while browsing the internet (particularly Trademe), a message keeps coming up saying 'Internet Explorer has stopped working', then 'Windows is checking for a solution'. It then refreshes the page twice before closing it. What would cause this? Also 'This page can't be displayed' keeps coming up on IE and the screen often goes black for a second before my homepage comes up. Any ideas as to what would cause any of this?

king1, Apr 19, 10:31pm

andrew697, Apr 19, 11:33pm
Thanks for the advice but I've just done that, still got the same problem.

king1, Apr 19, 11:59pm
Have seen flash player do similar things lately, try disabling it in the manage addons section temporarily and see if that fixes it.
Then uninstall and reinstall it from programs and features in the control panel

andrew697, Apr 20, 12:32am
I've done this, unfortunately I still have the same problem

chnman, Feb 2, 10:12pm

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