How can I get laptop screen to work? (has power)

trying not to make a fool of myself since I am about to take it in!

about 6 weeks old, it has power but no light on the screen, definitely not been dropped or wet

I tried taking the battery out (baked some cookies) then put it back in and still nothing.

is there anything else I should try before it goes in to the shop?

geek_huca1, Mar 12, 2:08 pm

If you angle the screen just right, can you see any picture at all? (be very faint) this checks to see if it is just the backlight that has failed.

Otherwise if you have a normal computer monitor available you can plug that in to the external port (or even a TV if it has HDMI) to check the actual laptop is working correctly.

geek__drdee_, Mar 12, 2:16 pm

no can't see anything

will try plugging it in to something tonight or tomorrow at work

geek_huca1, Mar 12, 2:24 pm


sorry 1 hand typing

geek_huca1, Mar 12, 2:25 pm

try pressing the keyboard shortcut key to toggle between external monitor output and laptop screen, usually Fn + one of the number keys that has a little rectangle on it in different colour.

geek_lucky.gadgets, Mar 12, 4:55 pm

or someone has dimmed the screen to black

geek_skin1235, Mar 12, 5:08 pm

take it back to where you bought it and let them sort it

geek_andrew.t, May 27, 5:26 pm

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