Pop Up ads on Trademe. on Mac help

scoutess, May 1, 9:28am
Hi all
I got rid of the pop up ads and now they are back. ie the side sliding ads on the right and the vid something one that covers most of the window. and that annoying flashing thing at the top of the page

It only happens on Trademe. I tried ADblock and it shows as functioning but it wants
me to click on each ad and 'lead me through blocking it. ' . which doesnt
any ideas ?
thanks in advance

king1, May 1, 9:43am

scoutess, May 1, 9:50am
Hi thanks
I did that . not sure what to do once it is installed .

terry012, May 1, 10:01am
Download fresh Google Chrome setup. Delete your browser then reinstal Chrome. Add Adblocker to chrome again.

king1, Dec 26, 2:54am

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