Windows 7 Retail.

angus_j, May 27, 12:31am
Is it just me or can I not buy a copy of windows 7 from anyone on trademe.
I have a new (2nd hand) laptop with windows 7 and I want to make it legal, but I can't find anyone to sell me a retail version.

angus_j, May 27, 12:32am
Oh and I don't want an over dumbed down version of windows 8 or 8.1

king1, May 27, 12:38am
not available since oct 2013

You can still get the OEM but that requires a hardware purchase as well

suicidemonkey, May 27, 12:41am
Windows 8 is cheaper. Buy it, download the free app "Classic Shell" to get rid of the dumbed down bits and bring back the normal desktop/start menu, and it will look and run exactly as Windows 7 does.

black-heart, May 27, 12:58am
does the laptop not have a windows license sticker on it ?

wayne416, May 27, 1:26am
Wait for 10 to come out, i read somewhere that it will be free upgrade for most illegal versions of 7 also. Edit to add. Maybe China only at the moment but may spread to everybody.

angus_j, May 27, 1:27am
Yes. Vista Professional.

Might be a hundred bucks but I still don't think its worth it.

wayne416, May 27, 1:38am
8.1 is far better than 7. 7s got whiskers and their beginning to show.

r.g.nixon, Oct 13, 2:17am
A laptop designed for Vista will not always have the required Windows 7 drivers for all the hardware to work.

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