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rpvr, Feb 1, 2:04am
For a long time I had a basic broadband plan with WxC at a cost of $35 per month plus $1.05 per Gb of data. No phone line included. I suspect this was cheap. From March they are increasing it to $55 per month plus $1.05 per Gb. Seems a big jump, but they say it is because "a decision from the Commerce Commission has impacted the way Chorus charge businesses like WXC for broadband and home phone connections. As a result of these changes and the new pricing structures, it has increased WXC's cost to provide your broadband service". Anyone know of other providers with cheap basic plans? They have offered a plan for $99 to include phone and unlimited broadband, but it wouldn't really save me anything, since maximum broadband use per month is only 10GB, often less.

r.g.nixon, Feb 1, 2:09am
$55 from Flip, isn't it?

r.g.nixon, Feb 1, 2:10am

morticia, Feb 1, 2:13am
We are paying $30.30 + 30c/gig data. We haven't been advised of our increase yet but from prior communications it is likely to be about $15.

bigsteve10, Feb 1, 2:51am
$55 for landline and 20Gb broadband that rolls over. Landline includes all local and national calls (upto 1 hour at a time)

We are with flip, and door to door sales people come up, we say we are with flip and they can't match the prices.

We haven't had notice of an increase in price so far either

By the way to the OP, the cost shouldn't go up much more than $6 per month if it does, as chorus charges were only going up $4 per line so would only really be able to justify $4+ a bit extra for GST

r.g.nixon, Feb 1, 2:56am
The $4 thing was going to be backdated I think, so the $6 will be trying to get some of that back.

rpvr, Feb 1, 3:22am
Thanks for that, WXC are increasing from $35 to $55, which is I think a bit much! I assume you are findind thew service from flip good?

lilyfield, Feb 1, 3:46am
flip is great, been with them for almost 2 years

bigsteve10, Feb 1, 4:51am
Been with them since September, when we purchased our house. Good to talk to on the phone, no service issues so far so good :)

mattnzw, Feb 1, 4:53am
$20 is a big jump, spark have used the same reason for their increase, but are only rising prices by about $4.

waipawa, Feb 1, 5:44am
With Fyx I presume? I haven't received any communications from them about price increases (or anything else for that matter). They seem to be pretending all this is not happening. So you have received emails from them?

trad, Feb 1, 7:25am
Been with Flip for nearly a year. No problems

rpvr, Feb 1, 8:20am
Yeah, I've sent an email asking why their increase is so big. If I get a reply I'll post it here.

morticia, Feb 1, 9:11am
I emailed them about it late last year (their reply is where I got the potential $15 from), asking if they had any concrete plans yet and suggesting they participate alongside other ISPs commenting on the changes in the rather interesting thread about it on Geekzone. They don't appear to have done so.

deus701, Feb 1, 11:14am
thats a big increase. wasn't spark/telecom just increasing their bills by $2-$4?

rpvr, Feb 2, 12:04am
I emailed them today saying I was looking at changing providers but wanted to know what increases they had planned first. Got a reply saying custmers should receive an email this week or next. Presumably they'll update their website at the same time.

pyro_sniper2002, Feb 2, 12:07am
Yes but the difference is that's a bundle price. (Phone and Internet). The way it's changes is if you have 2 separate providers for phone and internet they both now end up paying some Chorus service charge. So effectively you pay that charge twice unless you have both services with one provider.

rpvr, Feb 10, 11:38pm
No, the example I quoted is not a bundle price. It's a straight increase for the same service I've had for years.

vtecintegra, Feb 11, 12:06am
Sure - you are paying the increased amount because you DON'T have your phone and broadband with the same provider.

lilyfield, Feb 11, 1:53am
Flip increase by 5 dollars from March. Still the cheapest around

morticia, Feb 11, 3:09am
Is their Homeline a real phone line ( a la Spark) or an internet VOIP one?

ETA found the answer, they are standard analogue BUT Flip doesn't support medical alarms.

patkoro, Feb 11, 3:43am
I was with Orcon $85 a month 100Gb with land line. The increase was $3 a month. Changed to sling shot "naked" 80Gb roll over data $55 per month save $33 per month.

dice4, Aug 17, 5:20am
fyx naked has decreased in price. Now I'm paying $50 per month + .23GB.
They upped clothed connections by $20.

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