Samsung Tab S and new Lollipop operating system

wron, May 2, 11:39am
This morning when I opened my cover - auto opens the device - there was a whole page message saying it had downloaded Lollipop (wireless) and wanted permission to install. I had nobody to ask so I rang the Samsung help line which is answered in the Philippines, they checked and recommended clicking install. Took a while, switched machine off then restarted itself.
What's new / better?
Seems to be "cleaner"

galex, May 2, 12:00pm

wron, May 2, 12:08pm
Thanks. One obvious change I noticed was when you drag the top of the home page down, it lists all the emails, rather than just saying how many there are.

mikep, May 2, 11:18pm
I've had Lollipop for a couple of months (thanks to the Nexus range) and I wouldn't go back as some have. It's very clean, smooth and intuitive. The initial release was a bit buggy for some users (memory leaks, battery drain, wifi connectivity) so you should have the v5.1 version if not now, then soon.

intrade, May 4, 7:35am
i am on lollipop since ages on my google nexus 5 its ok
but sometimes updates cause conflicts with installed apps and these apps need uninstal and reinstalling to fix the problem then. 5.1 is latest nexus 5 get these first as it is a google phone

wron, May 4, 11:03am
Mine's 5.1 I think.
Another difference is the keyboard, whiter and really crisp.

Which Apps caused trouble?

jeremy_74, May 4, 8:01pm
Had lollipop running on my galaxy S3 for a few month's now.

Upgraded to 5.1 a few weeks ago and I'm really impressed. A lot better than kitkit and more stable so far.

intrade, Dec 18, 3:16am
you wont likely have that one the android idiag from launch tech did keep downloading purchased software over and over and not store it another thing i had to do was turn off developer mode on 5.1 lollipop. So if you have problems first try turn off developer mode I had developer mode enabled from kitkat already and i know that is the only thing screwing over linux if you have a old version and dist-upgrade to new this can cause problems like i use linux since 2003 and i had kde vanish on me once. Usually end up backing stuff = home up on linux and reinstall the whole latest os and then load back the home files.
On android since its linux similar problems can occure
Also had to reset my samsung tv and reinstall tv-nz on demand once but i dont know what os samsung runs but its not windows because windows has far diffrent issues and are far harder to deal with then on linux based systems.
The mars rover runs linux and not windows for good reason.

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