Ftp timeout

A query to those that understand ftping from the command prompt:

Take eg:
ftp>open www.mywebsite.com
ftp>get filename.txt

Now this sometimes hangs due to server being off-line etc.

The query is, what is the ftp command to define timeout? Some suggestions are that the default is 120 seconds but the user won't wait that long and I need to set it to say 20 seconds.

Anyone know the answer. ?

geek_moltenfire, Apr 30, 11:43 am

Don't think you can do it from the prompt. I believe it's somewhere in the settings (if supported) for the specific FTP app you're using, e.g a .conf file if using Linux.

geek_floydbloke, Apr 30, 1:37 pm

^ What I was thinking too, but i'm also thinking hhhmmm might have a look if I can.
But is this what you're looking for OP?

geek_neoslowmo, Apr 30, 1:42 pm

This refers to idle session timeout which is not what is being referred to at all.

geek_spyware, Apr 30, 2:58 pm

Thanks all, no it's the actual timeout of the ftp job, although being able to set the idle timeout would also be helpful. Using Windozie.

geek_moltenfire, Apr 30, 3:47 pm

Contact your host as it is set from their end.

geek_mattnzw, Apr 30, 3:51 pm

Dead right Matt, just been into cpanel and altered config file - was 200, now 10. Oh why is the obvious never the first thought!? Cheers

geek_moltenfire, Apr 30, 3:55 pm

Apologies misread the question

geek_neoslowmo, Dec 29, 10:01 pm

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