Unable to log into windows 10.

nzoomed, May 23, 2:28am
Needless to say that windows 10 seems rather buggy still at the moment, but ive been working on a few computers that someone upgraded to the pre-release edition and one of them wont let you log in, you see the user name on the screen, but clicking on it does nothing and no password dialog appears! lol
Seen a few other people reporting that they cant enter their passwords, but i cant even get that far.
Whats worse (same goes for windows 8) is that safe mode or the other recovery options are totally inaccessible because you need to get into windows first to enable them!
Go figure.
And apparently M$ claim that windows 10 will be the "last" windows ever whatever that means lol

nzoomed, May 23, 11:39pm
I managed to download the iso and boot the dvd and revert back to windows 8.1, computer was totally unusable it already was using an outlook account so dont know what the issue was.
Its got some good features but the start menu seems buggy and slow on the machines ive used it on.

vtecintegra, May 23, 11:40pm
It's a tech preview - it is not meant for use on a main PC, or for non-technical audiences

nzoomed, Oct 23, 9:53am
Exactly which ive told them to wait for the full release.

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