How to get an email address

tassiebig, Dec 22, 2:09am
what is the difference between a server and my provider.and which one goes in my address

king1, Dec 22, 2:20am
are you setting up an email account? if so who is the provider

wayne416, Dec 22, 2:22am
You have 2 options, you provider address ie xtra, orcon etc but if you change internet provider you have to change address or option 2, web based email like Gmail, GMX etc which are free and you dont need to change address no matter who you use for internet. I recommend GMX although a lot will disagree.

r.g.nixon, Dec 22, 3:50am
A server is a very 'big' computer.
A provider is usually an ISP, but there are also web providers of various services such as Google, Youtube etc.

tassiebig, Dec 23, 1:07am
my provider is vodafone and I had extra but I have changed companys

thewomble1, Dec 23, 5:23am
Get an "GMAIL" ACCOUNT. It is free and it doesn't matter who your server is.
Google "GMAIL ACCOUNT" and there is a listing showing setting up an account.

lythande1, Mar 9, 4:29pm
So look up the settings you need to use off Vodafones website.

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