geek_wayne416, Jun 22, 10:00 pm

Explain how it is proven to last 1000 years & 1000 years is not forever either is it !
But interesting yes .

geek_strobo, Jun 22, 10:07 pm

I don't know but tests seem to think so. Cheap storage if you have bluray burner, 3x 25Gb discs for $15us isn't bad, first cost last cost. Need a special burner for the DVDs but is being built in to a lot of computers etc now apparently.

geek_wayne416, Jun 22, 10:18 pm

geek_chnman, Jun 22, 10:23 pm

You only need a special DVD burner for the DVDs apparently, if you use the bluray discs you can burn with any current bluray burner. Playback on any DVD/ bluray player.

geek_wayne416, Jul 30, 4:56 pm

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