Track Changes in W10

I have a document that was sent to me some time ago and it has tracked changes selected on and they display, trouble is if I try to delete them or accept all changes, the accept or reject buttons won't come on and so I can't get rid of the "**&&**" things. The doc is 4 pages long and my only choice may be to retype the lot. The original doc sender no longer has the doc - darn. Any suggestions - thanks fore any help.

geek_zl2adl, May 20, 9:23 pm

Put this . >
"tracked changes in doc & accept or reject buttons greyed out"
In to Google search & start reading

geek_mrfxit, May 20, 10:13 pm

Been there read that till I was blue in the face, not a bit of help because buttons are still grey and won't work. Think it is because document is from another version of word and when its converted to current version, its all turned to "excrement" no matter I'll just retype it all - thanks

geek_zl2adl, May 21, 6:41 pm

have you tried just copy and pasting, or paste special which should allow pasting text only without formatting

geek_king1, May 21, 7:14 pm

IF. you had mentioned in your 1st post that you had already done a Google search, then I wouldn't have wasted my time suggesting it.

geek_mrfxit, May 21, 7:43 pm

Sorry - Mr Google is always first - isn't he, of course without saying, then it here for all the good people to help.

geek_zl2adl, May 22, 5:19 pm

LOL, you would be amazed at how many ppl don't simply Google search before coming here & it's just about the same amount that tell us about 20 msg's later that they all ready have .


geek_mrfxit, Oct 28, 8:58 am

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