Help - CBS Log - corrupt files

I have had problems for a bit on my laptop which I use heaps, today I was prompted to download icloud and from that point at start up I was promoted to run a System check on my C drive - I did it manually myself tonight and it shows that there are files that they cannot repair. So I have downloaded the log but now what should I do? I have no idea what any of it means and if I can repair or delete the files.

Is anyone able to assist me?

Thank you

geek_mooshiesmum, Jun 6, 9:56 pm

you need to open notepad with administrator rights then open the cbs log.
Then you need to inspect the it for clues as to the error.

Its painful.

geek_king1, Jun 6, 10:48 pm

Thanks king1, I have done all that - but I have no idea what I am inspecting for lol!

geek_mooshiesmum, Sep 10, 9:12 am

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