Snap 2 degrees broadband very slow

Phone them. You'll still get the same helpful staff.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 11:49 pm

I switched from a snap plan to a 2 degrees one. On vdsl I still get 40Mb down, but up is slightly slower

geek_wotz_it_2_ya, Aug 16, 9:12 am

Upstream speed on a vdsl connection is fixed at 10 Mbps. Chorus will be changing the bandplan by November allowing 30 Mbps as maximum upstream speed. 70/10 to 70/30.

geek_spyware, Aug 16, 9:27 am

i experienced the same thing i am not up north now but i think i switch to a other provider like unlimitted isp soon .
basically snap got sold to 2 degrees and now they are doing ads on tv to overload the full enough service snap had with more users= we all get slowed down. thats one theory whom coud be . fact is i never had a problem with slowdons on snap but as soon as it was 2 degrees it crawled to below dialup speeds at times not even loading pages and i did not drop off the net.

geek_intrade, Aug 16, 8:42 pm

Any changes noticed are either placebo or unrelated. The only thing that changed when 2degrees took over was the name. Same network, same staff, etc.

geek_lugee, Aug 16, 9:35 pm

yes but how do you explain slowdowns? coinsidence?
its just a strange coinsidence if it is one. i am with snap for years and years and never ever,,,,,,, ever was there any slow-dons like that.

geek_intrade, Aug 16, 10:04 pm

maybe it has something to do with all the windows 10 upgrades, and/or everyone watching netflix etc

geek_king1, Aug 16, 10:06 pm

geek_gibler, Aug 16, 10:08 pm

gibler use europe for a test not your 5 meter of wire for a speed test.
its only showing true speeds if you go to a country well away

geek_intrade, Aug 16, 10:17 pm

Overseas speed tests don't really mean anything either. By going overseas you're introducing untold numbers of other service providers that can and will affect the speed.

geek_lugee, Aug 16, 10:42 pm

How is it a true speed test when you're relying on infrastructure totally out of the control of 2Degrees? Anyway, to play that game, here is a speedtest to Sydney which I belive a lot of our content is servred from (Probably faster, but I did it on Wi-Fi.)

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Aug 16, 10:43 pm

well what he posted i might as well use the 1 meter of cable to my router and show you 1 gigabite per secound speed. its only a true speed test if you download true data from a server as far as possible away. you repeate it a few times so you can see if it stays the same
the internet is not your local 5 meter of wiring from your isp to your isp.
i got 1mb with snap
i get 1 gigabite speed and i am not even on the net with my router. wahooo my non existing isp is super fast lol.

geek_intrade, Aug 16, 10:50 pm

There is absolutely no benefit in doing a speedtest to a place as far away as possible. The relevance will diminish with distance.

geek_king1, Aug 16, 11:19 pm

OK, but whose to say you speed wouldn't have changed if nothing had happened? All you have is two events that happened at roughly the same time, does that prove with absolute certainty that they are correlated? No.

I have internet with Snap/2degrees and my speed hasn't changed one bit. By your logic, I could insist that you are lying because just as your speed has allegedly changed, mine hasn't.

geek_lugee, Aug 20, 5:06 pm

well they probably slow down snap users so they move to the more expensive 2 degrees plan whom knows would not surprise me .

geek_intrade, Aug 27, 5:37 pm

I'm with Spark and I'm upgrading to Fibre, as they have a promotion where they will install it for free, as well as give you a free modem. No hidden costs and they pay for everything! :)))
The communications and service regarding installation, so far, has been excellent.
If you talk to them on chat they will take you through everything! I just phoned them to see if I needed a new modem when I bought a new notebook, and ended up changing to fibre!
My ordinary broadband connection is fast, so I don't know how much faster it will be! I hope it all doesn't jet off past me. lol!

geek_iwikiwi, Jan 9, 5:22 pm

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