Auto backups

Thinking it's time I did some important backups.
Out documents folder, on separate hard drive, is 253 Gb's.
Was thinking about an external, but know they can fail.
So can anyone help with on-line and would it be expensive, given the size of folder or a reliable external?

geek_ianalice1, Mar 22, 11:41 pm

geek_anilnz, Mar 23, 4:24 am

All hard drives can fail. Thats why you do backups.
The idea is to COPY your stuff onto it - that way you have the data on 2 separate locations.
Highly unlikely both drives would die at the same time.
You never move the stuff, always COPY (so there is a duplicate) and you never leave the external plugged in - either to the PC or to power.
Backup and unplug it.

I have 2 externals, 1 goes off site with me.

geek_lythande1, Mar 23, 7:29 am

I have 4 copies of all important data - 3 on hard drives (1 of them off site) and 3tb of data on crash plan.

2 copies isn't enough IMO.

geek_suicidemonkey, Mar 23, 8:18 am

Backup to an external drive or the cloud and store offsite, so if you have a fire or burglary, you won't lose everything. Also have a NAS drive or 2nd external which you keep at home and rotate them. Check the backups often that they are not corrupted.
External portable drives cost around $100

geek_geoff_m, Mar 23, 8:26 am

For online, check's prices. From memory they are reasonable.

geek_r.g.nixon, Apr 26, 4:13 pm

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