cookee_nz, Mar 26, 5:54am
Marree, if you are connected via Wifi you can't use that to accurately measure your internet speed because the Wifi adds it's own delays and will screw up the results. For an accurate test you will need to connect your Laptop directly to your Router using an Ethernet cable. Most likely you would have got one with your Router, often they are Blue, Yellow or Red, cable maybe still in the box? There are probably 4 identical connectors on the back of your router, 1-4 you can plug into any of them, and there will be an similar single connector on the back or side of your Laptop. Turn the wireless off when you do the test for the most accurate result. Do you have any other PC's in the home?

cookee_nz, Mar 26, 5:57am
The other thing to check (depending on your ISP) is that you have not used up your monthly allocation and your speeds have been throttled. When I was with Geeks on Wheels I had a call for a client who had exactly that problem, several days of really slow (unusable really) internet. A check of her account (Xtra) revealed that they were way over their data cap and it had simply been reduced to 'dialup speed' - bit like hitching a ride on a snail. ! :-) Easy to overlook checking the obvious but you'd not be the first. Most ISP's provide a Broadband Usage Monitor and there should be a link to it on your ISP website. You will probably need your ISP user name and password to log in.

king1, Mar 26, 6:01am
a) well done on regurgitating a 6 month old thread
b) wireless does not introduce that much difference (ie 10-12mbps down to 0.5) in speed tests, perhaps on a crappy smart phone, maybe.

cookee_nz, Mar 26, 6:14am
Ha ha, CRAP! I didn't even see the date - bizarre, it came up as a current topic. Gotta go wipe the egg off now.

But the WIfi thing is 100% for real and can make a huge difference. In a previous life I used to install fibre for Downer, and we would actually demonstrate this to clients to support recommending structured cabling for best results. I could have a Laptop right next to the Router and simply changing from Wifi to Cable would make a very noticeable difference, and it became more significant the further away from the Router. Sometimes a simple Wifi Driver or Firmware update to the Laptop would help improve performance but the speed difference from Wifi vs Wired is solid. Demonstrated it many times.

r.g.nixon, Sep 16, 11:16pm
What d/l speed do you get?

terry012, Sep 17, 12:19am
There is your problem. your speeds are way down for even ADSL
8.1 down and .73 up is what your connection speeds are set at.

r.g.nixon, Sep 17, 1:14am
DON"T USE IT. From someone. "Spark Trust PC is extremely deceptive. Nowhere during their 'free' offer do they tell you it is not free, there is a charge for it. It damaged my control panel and was extremely difficult to removed, as it did not show up in the add/remove category."

r.g.nixon, Sep 17, 1:16am

r.g.nixon, Sep 17, 1:20am
No program can speed up your internet connection. This is controlled by physical factors:
- how far you are from an exchange/DSLAM box down the road and around a few corners.
- the quality of your phone wiring and spliiter or filters
- the specs of your modem (ADSL, ADSL2+)
- the condition of your modem (they degrade over time)
- the strength of your wifi signal (assuming you aren't using an ethernet cable)

mazdasix, Sep 17, 1:24am
Just uninstall it.

No program can speed up your connection. You need to call your ISP to figure out why it's so slow.

You need to be very careful downloading software that promises to "Scan" your computer for problems. Most of it isn't good.

king1, Sep 17, 1:47am

use the free version - don't need the trial

install, update, full scan

timmo1, Sep 17, 4:42am
Do you have ADSL filters on all phone sockets that have a device? (Phones, modems etc)? Have you had decent download speed and now do not or has it always been slow? Do you live rurally?

kevlight, Apr 19, 3:26am
how to increase down load speed
take them all with a pinch of salt ! on your /tomato and cracker and a nice cup of tea.
. Do not down load any free "help you speed up clean your computer,

I have CCleaner ,which was on the lap top when i bought it, its good for getting rid of add on ,cookies and rude sneaky ride alongs,

Shorten the cable from your computer to the router/modem and shorten the cable to the wall connection,the shorter the better.
. the worse thing to have is a internet extension cable with extra connectors between you and the wall connection.

. Rippley's believe it or not MOMENT!

Run another cable just taped,or tied to your existing cable ,(just parallel to the normal cable)not actually wired to it just along side of) from wall to computer and see the results on down load and upload speeds, works by magnetic induction,magic or some such .

. who cares, improved mine, so what have you got to lose ?
. there are many ways, to stop loss of down load speeds , which is what you are after .
. the other option is tell your provider you want, high speed fibre optic UFB installed at your gate and
tell them (A) it better be fast and (B)at the same or cheaper .

. edited to remove non PC comments ,politics and religion.

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