Just bought a smart tv, Netflicks

stevie1, Apr 9, 11:00pm
lightbox, neon all new to me
Is one better than the other or are they pretty much the same

brycer, Apr 9, 11:12pm
not sure about the others, but netflix has a free 30 day trial. See and decide for yourself.

trade_menow, Apr 9, 11:29pm
they all have a 30 day free trial and they all want your credit card details ( in the hope you forget to cancel )

bushyy4, Apr 10, 1:24am
what is the show range like on netflix NZ?

trade_menow, Apr 10, 2:07am
given they are new to the country - its limited but should grow over time
Recommend the US netflix - you'll need a vpn to change the IP from NZ to US ( hola better internet is free ) and then its just hdmi from the comp to tv

casualobserver, Apr 10, 3:33am
If you're a Spark customer you get 12 months free on Lightbox

thusisperfectio, Apr 10, 5:42am
I tried all, Neon is a no go.

Lightbox is decent but more expensive. ($12.95)

Netflix has good content and is cheaper ($9.95)

I suggest a trial of each and see which works for you.

5425, Apr 10, 5:45am
If you all ready pay for sky , these will be an extra cost?.

trade_menow, Apr 10, 5:46am
Yes - these are all seperate from sky ( except neon ) which is just more recycled crap

trade_menow, Mar 3, 8:54pm
lightbox is free to Spark customers for 12mths , but id recommend getting a unlimited data plan

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