How do the bots that ticket scalpers use work ?

In real word terms what do these bots do?

I'm guessing they run some kind of script that pre populates the required fields. Do the programmers make them specific to each ticket site ?

I'd also guess they may run similar to buying/selling shares ?

How do they get ahead of the queues?

geek_master-trader, Jul 2, 11:30 am

Software program which pre-populates all fields including credit card info within 1 second ensuring the operators get their hands on tickets first. Ticketek could stop them by requiring captcha codes on checkout pages but they don't so bots are an easy way for ticket scalpers to make they money back rather quickly!

geek_everydaysource, Jul 2, 8:29 pm

What allows them to seemingly jump the queues ? or are they not really jump on the queue, is it more the fact that they can do it so fast ? Would they be runs off multiple ISP addresses ?

geek_master-trader, Jul 2, 9:39 pm

Think of it not like a queue, but more like a line where each and everyone in line is at the front and the person that can complete the transaction the fastest wins.

They'd probably be able to complete each transaction so quickly that they would only need one account and IP address, and complete transaction after transaction in a linear fashion until they've bought their desired quantity, or tickets run out.

geek_lucky.gadgets, Jul 2, 10:55 pm

Wow this bit is a real eye-opener .

geek_master-trader, Jul 3, 10:14 am

One more question about this ??
if seats A1,B1,C1,D1 are available and person 1 just wants seat A1, person 2 wants seats A1,A2,A3, and person 3 wants all 4 seats.

Would a typical system allow them to all have the chance at seat A1 at once ? so whoever fills in the details first gets it or as soon as they show interest in seat A1 does it get held aside for them until their transact is complete.

In the IT world what area deals with kinds of things ? I'm guessing its programing and possibly some other area ?

geek_master-trader, Jun 28, 5:19 pm

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