Desk top covered in icons ?

brian_k7, May 26, 11:49pm
Today my desktop is covered in icon,s when I turned it . Each one is an email address from my contacts ,some were deleted a long time ago. I have windows 7 home premium. I have tried restore many times but it will not work even when I turn off anti virus.
Any advice please ?

king1, May 27, 12:18am
delete them if you don't want them - just check first that they haven't 'disappeared' from your email program - If they have then they need to go back where they belong. System restore is for windows settings, not user data.

brian_k7, May 27, 12:25am
How do I send them back where they belong ?

skin1235, May 27, 1:03am
check they still exist in your contacts list, if they do you should be able to simply seclect and delete them from your desktop, be aware you only want to delete the link, not delete from disk ( should be given the option )

select one that you know is not wanted, check it still exists in contacts list ( which means it has NOT been deleted previously as you claim), delete it from desktop, check if it still exists in contacts, if it does then fine, carry on and delete all the rest, if by deleting from desktop it also deletes it from your contacts list you need to recheck the options and select to leave them in the contacts list

skin1235, May 27, 1:06am
then to find out why it has sent all your contacts to desktop?

in the wording of that it should become clear what has happened, how to reverse that?
could be as simple as a click to remove them - need to know which email client you use, what addons it has etc

brian_k7, May 27, 5:35am
I use windows live mail.?
I tried deleting a couple which worked but then I thought I would drag the rest into a new file just in case .
Cannot understand how it happened in the first place .

wayne416, May 27, 5:55am
I think you just answered your own question with the word drag and knowing how to do it, maybe you dragged your contacts onto your desktop.

brian_k7, May 27, 8:57pm
wayne416. no I could not have dragged the contacts onto the desk top as some of the contacts had been deleted months and even a couple of years ago ! Any one else got any idea how it happened ?

neoslowmo, May 27, 9:04pm
Personal or business computer?

king1, May 27, 9:12pm
this sort of stuff does not magically happen on its own. It is something someone has done intentionally or inadvertently.

A see a similar thing happen frequently with some of my elderly clients who end up with multiple shortcuts on the desktop for the same thing.

In these cases it usually happens because of not releasing the left click button before moving the mouse. releasing the button after you have moved the mouse essentially makes it a click and drag operation. A lot of folks with limited movement in their hands struggle with this.

So conceivably you would have had to select all contacts for some reason, and it went wrong from there.

Another possibility is you have been playing around with exporting contacts and exported them as individual card files to the desktop, not a folder.

Beyond that its a 'that's weird' moment.

brian_k7, May 28, 1:47am
Thanks anyway king1 .
Must be a "weird" thingie then :-)

skin1235, May 28, 2:05am
how ta fek did items deleted months or years ago come to now re-appear on your desktop

suggest you may have deleted from your computer but in windows ever so security conscious ways it kept a copy on their server, and now decided you needed them back again

part of the ongoing microsoft knows best practice
even knows better than the person who rents their products
surprised it didn't ask you 3 times if you are sure you really wanted them replaced on the desktop, it would have asked 3 times before it allowed them to be deleted in the first place

skin1235, May 28, 2:10am
perhaps at some time you were asked to or it was suggested you backup your contacts ( from the server ) and this is where microsoft decided they should be backed up to

king1, May 28, 2:45am
that's your informed opinion huh?

skin1235, Oct 9, 2:56am
what could possibly be an informed opinion about deleted items, deleted many months ago, now re-appearing on his desktop
that they were never deleted, never deleted from all sources, never deleted from the server
and why return now, fate, star alignment perhaps, it may be a little better than the opinion that its one of lifes wee weird thingee's lol

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