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impressions, Feb 23, 11:12pm
My monitor has 4 buttons on the front.
-auto, what does it do?
+, as above please.

ians2, Feb 23, 11:28pm
Sorry, but my crystal ball is somewhat occluded however I tried google and it did provide some generalised instructions which I reluctantly will not relay here incase they are wrong.

cafc2012, Feb 23, 11:34pm
The "On/Off" turns your monitor on or off, whichever it is not when you pust it.
The "Language" button may be a menu button that allows you to change the setting of you monitor, colour temperature, brightness, image position, aspect ratio etc, The + and - buttons allow you to increase or decrease whatever setting you have chosen to adjust,

holding down the "auto" button may rest you monitor to it's default setting. push it and see!

impressions, Feb 23, 11:42pm
Okey doke thanks all.

mikep, Feb 24, 1:15am
I know it's an obvious question but someone has to ask it:
What is the brand and model number of your monitor?

impressions, Feb 24, 2:03am
HP L1706

flower_tears, Feb 24, 6:06am
It may worth downloading the user guide(s).
You can do so from:

lostdude, Feb 24, 11:21pm
On/Off: If you don't know what this is you shouldn't be allowed near any kind of electrical device
Language: Change the language of the Monitors UI
Auto: Automatically adjusts the image on your monitor to best fit your current configuration. I.e. size, horizontal and vertical position and moiré
+: Probably provides a menu so you can adjust the above and more, manually.

impressions, Jul 7, 10:15am
No need to be so rude. I didn't ask about on/off & language.

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