Windows10 Won't Connect/Find Printer

tiddlywinks2, Nov 17, 8:22pm
Anyone else have a Canon Pixma MP210 printer? We updated to Windows 10 when it became available and now I can't connect the damn printer because it tells me that the drivers are unavailable. I don't want to buy a new printer because I love the one I have - one of the best I have had to be honest and it's still in new condition. I KNOW it has nothing to do with a install disk as I never used one to connect the printer to the computer BEFORE the update. This comes as a major pain in the ass as I have paperwork I need to have scanned off for CAFS and Open Polytechnic.

nzoomed, Nov 17, 8:35pm
Download the latest drivers from canon's website.

gsimpson, Nov 17, 9:22pm
There doesn't appear to be a W10 driver. Try W8 driver (select 32 or 64 bit as appropriate)

woagan, Nov 17, 10:00pm
We had a similar issue with our printer, had to uninstall completely.
Downloaded the win 8 installer (to the downloads folder) when completed downloading right-click the install icon and select troubleshoot compatibility. follow the prompts and install.
( originally after going to windows 10 our pc would not see the printer when checking ink levels etc. but we could still print to it).
the above fix worked a treat

nzoomed, Jun 13, 10:25pm
Your right, there isint, i saw windows 10 on the list, but it says no driver available when you click it.

the win8 driver should work, its only a matter of time before win10 drivers will be available.

I had the same issue with printers in windows 8, i was having to often use windows 7 drivers to make them work.

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