Adding memory to a iPad 4

I have a iPad 4 that doesn't have much memory is there any way of increasing this. I am very thick when it comes to computers. Thanks for the help

geek_sushi2, Jun 8, 5:39 pm

No there isn't unfortunately.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 8, 5:39 pm


geek_sushi2, Jun 8, 5:43 pm

try just deleting some of the stuff accumulated. you will be surprised how easy it is to free up a few Gb.
And if you have a heap of photos of videos taking up the room, maybe offload them to the free unlimited flickr (and of course somewhere else for safety. )

geek_brycer, Jun 8, 5:45 pm

the other option too is to look at getting a wireless usb stick that you can use for storage. i have a 32 gig one i use to store files on and access when needed.

geek_christin, Sep 4, 10:07 pm

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