Windows 7 display settings for 1080P LCD TV?

smac, Feb 13, 9:32am
Does anyone know what display settings should be used in NZ to drive a 1080P 42" 100Hz LCD TV as a display? Model is an LG42LB65

I say in NZ as I tried looking online and got more confused than when I started by all the discussions about 100Hz vs 60Hz, 50Hz etc etc

Graphics are via HDMI out of an ASUS P5N7A-VM board with GeForce 9300. The box says 1080P no problem.

Issue at the moment is screen blanking/flicker which changes in frequency (but does not go away) when I fiddle both resolution and refresh rate.

oclaf, Feb 13, 10:36am
Do mean random screen momentary blanking, triggered by god only knows what? or a consistent flickering. I have the former issue with my HTPC and a Sony 1080p TV, and no amount of Googling and tinkering has yet yielded a clue.

smac, Feb 13, 10:48am
Ya the first one, so it's on for a few seconds, off for a second, on again. some settings make it faster, some slower. All drivers are up to date. It got a bit better going back to 720p settings, which almost makes me think the PC hasn't got enough grunt, but that should not be the case. It used to drive my old plasma at 1080i (it's max) no problem' and is billed as a 1080p board.

schizoid, Feb 13, 10:58am
I know it says on the box it can handle 1080p, but being 9300 chipset on a old 775 mobo, I'm skeptical.

have you been able to try it with a discreet GPU?

smac, Feb 13, 11:16am
Nah. whole reason I had this machine was as a silent HTPC. Didn't really want to go throwing a gpu with a noisey ol' fan in there. Mind you I haven't looked recently, maybe there's decent performing silent ones these days.
Still bugs me that that SHOULDN'T be the issue.

schizoid, Feb 13, 11:27am
even a cheap arse HD 5450 will do the trick, many of them are fanless.

but I guess that doesn't really help your situation any.

smac, Feb 13, 7:08pm
So does anyone know what the settings should actually be? Just need to confirm that I have tried them (and they don't work) before I go spending anything. Assuming it's a GPU issue I could either get a fanless card and keep the HTPC, or could just get an external blu-ray player and ditch the HTPC altogether.

smac, Feb 19, 1:39am
Well, slapped an ASUS HD5450 in there and bingo, 1080P no problems. SO whether the 9300 just didn't have the grunt it claimed or what I don't know, but the HTPC lives another day.

schizoid, Feb 19, 2:42am
The only thing I can think of is that the integrated 9300 would probably share system RAM, so if you had very little it may be a problem. But I think its more likely that it just straight couldn't deliver 1080p, despite claiming it could.

intrade, Jul 27, 9:30am
i would try another hdmi cable and port on try plug it on a other hdmi port on tv. this would try and rule out a brake in the wiring and the possibile fault on hdmi port on tv leaving the possible fault on hdmi out of laptop . using swap-tronics methodes for diagnosing

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