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stefanie1, Jun 26, 5:41am
Would like to purchase a new one. Would love s6 but disappointed snsot expandable memory.

suicidemonkey, Jun 26, 5:43am
HTC One M8 and M9

casey.j69, Jun 26, 5:55am

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 26, 6:09am
Why not buy a 64/128GB S6, or is that not big enough?

stefanie1, Jun 26, 6:23am
would s6 be best option

suicidemonkey, Jun 26, 6:33am
I personally think the HTC One series and LG G4 are better choices than the S6. Especially when the 128GB S6 is $1300+.

I'm also not a fan of how much bloatware Samsung add to their phones.

mojo49, Jun 26, 6:41am
Got the last of the HTC M7 early last year. It has had quite a few OS updates since and just keeps getting better. Would not hesitate to get an M9 or whatever is the current version when I am ready to replace it. Used outdoors and lives in my overalls top pocket and has survived being dropped lots of time. It has never faulted, but I have had to restart it a few times in the last 15 months. Good battery life when all the surplus stuff is turned off. 100% at 7.00am and still in high 60% by end of day.

rz_zone, Jun 26, 7:43am
Htc One & Galaxy Note
If you like taking pictures, get the Galaxy Note 4.

vtecintegra, Jun 26, 8:13am
Moto X would be my pick, but be aware it doesn't support SD cards. That or the N6 (which is enourmous but otherwise quite similar)

The software on recent LG phones is pretty gross IMO - the skin looks and feels even more dated than Samsung's (I currently have a G3 which I kinda regret buying even at the much cheaper than other flagship pricing)

aoc1, Jun 26, 8:20am
Sony Z3

lostdude, Jun 26, 8:24am
What's your budget?

tintop, Jun 26, 8:30am
I bought a Galaxy S4 Mini - it fits in my shirt pocket.

mikep, Jun 26, 8:34am
Personally, because I have one, Nexus 5. However you can't get them (easily) new so if you can wait, Nexus 5 (2015). If you can't wait, on the basis of reviews, HTC One M9 if price is no object.

ingies, Jun 26, 8:40am
I have one of those, bought for it for $250 at the warehouse a few months ago, does all I want it to do, upgraded from s3 mini.

trade_menow, Jun 26, 8:51am
HTC m8 is a good phone , but its main camera is crap - the " selfie " camera isnt to bad built in memory 16GB with a micro sd card upto 128GB
only thing i wish is that i'd waited . 1199 on release now around 700-800 Oh - and its a Pain once you put it in a pocket but other than that - love it

suicidemonkey, Jun 26, 8:54am
My last phone was the M8 - I found the camera to be perfectly fine. Very good in low light. Overall image quality wasn't iPhone6/Galaxy S6 standard, but perfectly acceptable

tintop, Jun 26, 9:03am
lol - Exactly the same, but the 16gb version, $315 at Noel Leeming.

Just waiting to run Vf prepaid credit on the s3 to zero, then shift phone number to 2 Degrees and the new phone.

For me the s4 has a good camera, reasonable price and smallish size.

_drdee_, Jun 26, 10:18am
14nm finFET, UHD sAMOLED, LPDDR4 RAM and UFS 2.0 internal memory. Nobody else in the market even comes close to that combination of technology, it is a good one-two generations ahead of anything else (I think the SD 810 may also use LPDDR4 but is still a pocket heater running 20nm).

So if you actually appreciate what is on the inside (and the screen, which you look at the most) the S6 is a no-brainer.

Bloatware has been toned down a fair amount in the S6, but is still running Touchwiz crap. Not a drop of lag like previous versions tho.

lugee, Jun 27, 12:29am
I think you mean "QHD." It most certainly does not have a UHD panel.

suicidemonkey, Jun 27, 12:36am
That's good to know. The hardware is excellent, I just can't stand what Samsung do to Android.

lugee, Jun 27, 2:11am
Google Play Edition Galaxy S6.

If only.

directorylist, Jun 27, 3:27am
I'm a fan of the G4

rua69, Jun 28, 7:18am
The $250 Spark one I bought at the WH has 16 gigas. I agree with your ups. The screen is excellent too and the FM radio is handy. I don't like the camera interface myself so I installed another. The bloatware is annoying though, and more is installed with every Samsung upgrade.

I came from an S3 mini too. Also a great phone.

You may know this already (apologies if you do), but when you first light up your S4m be sure to update all your apps and then clear the cache. Otherwise your battery life will be so short it'll drive you mad. I suffered this for months before finally finding the remedy! A call to my carrier at the start would probably have been more sensible.

_drdee_, Jun 28, 7:25am
My bad, S6 screen resolution is only QHD (1440 x 2560), was talking TV's elsewhere at the same time.

_drdee_, Jun 28, 7:26am
Yea a GPE S6 would be the ultimate device at the moment.

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