What is wrong when "This page can't be displayed"

jljjn28, May 11, 11:58pm
. is showing? Is there something I am doing wrong? or some setting on my laptop is incorrect?
signed: Technologically challenged:)

wayne416, May 12, 12:08am
Lost internet connection?

king1, May 12, 12:08am
any number of reasons.
internet is down
wireless is off
website is down
browser is corrupted

jljjn28, May 12, 12:35am
thanks everyone. internet was connected, wifi connected not sure if website was down or the browser was/is corrupted (clueless about the last 2? )
The site was Xero, I was logged in and using it perfectly fine earlier today. I then logged off for a break and went to log back in and "this page can't be displayed" kept showing. After more tries I decided to leave it for a while and then I go to log in after about 10 mins and it's all good. grrr! Frustrating when you need/want to login and it just won't let you!
It's all good now and back to work for me:)
Thanks again everyone:)

king1, May 12, 12:49am
sounds like the website was down then.

namtak, May 12, 1:03pm
Windows is tired and needs to rest.

aktow, Nov 28, 8:09pm
to check if a website is down

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