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maxalias, Feb 17, 8:57am
help! lease, I keep getting so far and as soon as I get to the part where you put country and lanuage the language box will not highlight so I cannot complete my subscription, Frustrating! IN 5 days it becomes invalid if I dont activate so I need to get this sorted asap, Thankyou for your help in advance

black-heart, Feb 17, 9:11am
which browser are you using ? Have you tried chrome ?

sqidlie, Feb 17, 11:48am
Check your PCs lanuage and country settings would be a start

cookee_nz, Feb 17, 5:22pm
or if using chrome try IE or Firefox, something may be preventing the next step window or field from opening.

maxalias, Feb 18, 2:22am
Thanks guys, how do I get to change my lanuage and counrty settings on the pc? sorry real learner here

skin1235, Feb 18, 3:56am
win7?, control panel, clock, language and region

utwo, Jul 29, 10:26pm
I've found some Office 365 dialogue boxes (when administering Exchange Online) don't work properly in Chrome and I have to log in using Internet Explorer for those.

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