Do i have to have a mobile contract to get Netfix

ova50, Mar 31, 10:12pm
I have rang my isp and couldn't understand the person I was talkin to. But I gather he said I need to sign up to a mobile plan to get Netfix. Would this be right? I have a Samsung smart tv. Any positive help would be great. Cheers

kieran211, Mar 31, 10:15pm
No you don't. start at for the normal pricing.

Vodafone NZ has a deal with Netflix where they give you 6months of free Netflix for signing to a new 24month mobile plan.

Vodafone != Netflix, they are completely separate companies.

ova50, Mar 31, 10:16pm
Thanks for that Kieran. I had a feeling that was the case.

ova50, Mar 31, 10:18pm
Just wondering Kieren are there any other sites for movies etc. We have been with Fatso for some time but their selection is getting a bit thin.Cheers

rz_zone, Mar 31, 10:42pm
i assume you're with Vodafone.

Netflix is only $10/month anyway so not worth to get that 6months freebie.
Lightbox is free for 12months if you have landline with spark, and I think mobile too.

trade_menow, Mar 31, 11:26pm
Sparks free offer is only if you have the landline / internet or naked internet with them - its not free for just mobile

cafc2012, Mar 31, 11:51pm
No. NEtflix is independent of the phone networks just go to their website.

Alternatively, if you want a Netflix US account (fractionally cheaper and loads more content) you will need to either:

a) choose an ISP that offers 'Global Mode' as part of its package; or
b) pay $3-4 for to someone like unotelly for the sam service; and
c) sing up for the American service.

If you just want Netflix NZ all you need is an account and a broadband internet connection.

trade_menow, Apr 1, 12:31am
Hola better internet ( chrome addon ) does the same but its free

ova50, Apr 1, 2:09am
Sorry don't understand about 3-4 unotelly?could you please explain cheers

trade_menow, Apr 1, 2:14am
unotelly - $3-4 is the aprox cost of it

ova50, Apr 1, 4:06am
Thanks will check that out

cafc2012, Apr 1, 6:22am
Firstly, apologies for the awful spelling, I was in a rush. Secondly, yes, Unotelly is an internet service that re-addresses your internet traffic, so that american servers think you are a computer in America, UK servers think you are a computer in the UK an so. The whole process is automated so by following a few very simple instructions once, any computer, tablet or phone that connects to the internet on your home wifi can access services like NetFlix in the US or BBC iPlayer in the UK or freakish priest/celebrity cooking shows from Italy (don't ask).

Unotelly charges about $3.00 or $4.00 a month for the service. There are a couple of New Zealand ISP's who do this for you for free, as part of their broadband package, and there are some add-on's for browsers like Google's 'Chrome' that do a similar thing also free.

I prefer the Unotelly solution because it works for everything (like my apple tv). There are other providers to of course, but that the one I use and know about.

taion, Apr 2, 4:58am
chrome will only do 720p, you need to use IE or firefox to get 1080p.
but i agree hola is awesome

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