reggienz, May 16, 8:29pm
What is this? This morning I recieved this email.
."Hey, I??

camper18, May 16, 9:15pm
Delete delete delete NOW.

king1, May 16, 10:24pm

oclaf, May 17, 11:39am
Why? It's just a scam email. It's not going to magically infect the world if not deleted immediately
Ignore it. Delete if you want, but doing so is not imminently necessary like camper would have you believe. Best thing to do is flag it as spam so your mail providers scanning software can learn more about it and then forget about it.

suicidemonkey, May 17, 11:57am
If you have an email about a service you never joined telling you that you have money, how can there be any doubt it is a scam?

ross1970, May 17, 12:09pm
A better question is how can you possibly need clarification that it is a scam?

footplate1, Nov 8, 9:29pm
I have declared these to be spam so many times on websites. And made them banned addresses too. But still they come through Spark's filters. Each one makes me angry . As does the Isp's indifference to gaps in the filters.

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