OCR Freeware recommendations please?

Anyone got any malware free recommendations for good Optical Character Recognition free software? Has to be able to convert .jpg photo images.
I have a dozen .jpg images of documents from the 1800's very neatly written in long hand that I wish to transcribe.
Thank You
Windows 7 Home Premium. Libre Office and Adobe Elements 10

geek_mgc54, Jun 24, 11:53 am

Haven't used any freeware options myself, but here's a link you can look at.


. but please read the comments from users as well.

geek_chnman, Jun 24, 12:25 pm

Do you have a Google drive account. It has an online OCR facility so you don't have to install anything. U sed it succesfuuly with scanned printed docs in the past, not sure how well it will work with handwrting. then again, any freeware apps may not do this well either.

geek_floydbloke, Jun 24, 2:00 pm

Check out these links:
http://www.theguardian.com/technology/askjack/2014/dec/18/how-can-i-convert-my-handwritten-notes-into-word-documents https://www.cvisiontech.com/ocr/text-ocr/handwritten-character-recognition-software-2.html?lang=eng

Handwriting lacks the consistancy of printing, and you would spend more time correcting the mis-reads. I have the ABBY software referred to in the first link, and that is only about 95% accurate with newsprint type.

I doubt if you will get anything capable if doing the job for free.

geek_mikep, Jun 24, 3:28 pm

Thank You. I tried all the links in post #2 but they ALL set off my ESET Smart Security Anti-Virus with a " Contains malware or unwanted software add-ons" warning. I have come to the conclusion I may just have to manually transcribe the documents. TY for your time folks.

geek_mgc54, Jun 24, 4:27 pm

Which links did you try? These?

http://www.paperfile.net/ http://simpleocr.com/ http://www.free-ocr.com/ http://www.onlineocr.net/

Cos I was able to view them just fine with Eset NOD32 running in the background

geek_lostdude, Jun 24, 10:41 pm

Some multifunctions come with ocr free. I think some of the Brother ones. I have an HP8600 (great machine), and it came with OCR. Due to the quality of the original - just be aware that it is never 100% and personal editing is always required for accuracy.

geek_nzmu, Jun 25, 6:25 am

OCR doesn't work well with hand written documents. It barely works with font characters

geek_black-heart, Jun 25, 7:31 am

its probably faster & more accurate to just get your type on

i tried to use ocr once to remove some pen lines from a grid on a form - the ocr program skewed the entire form up so badly it didnt look anything like the hard copy - or even the copy in the scan preview window

i ended up recreating the entire form in HTML and typing in the required text portions - which actually worked out to be slightly better

geek_pcmaster, Jun 25, 2:45 pm

TY Lostdude for the links in post#6 ESET Smart Security blocks the first two but allows the second two online scanners to run.
The results are poor to say the least. Random letters and characters.
Thank You for your time. I think I am going to transcribe these documents manually.

geek_mgc54, Jun 25, 2:59 pm

Look into text to speech options, read the docs onto a word program and edit from there.

geek_gdf001, Jul 25, 3:05 am

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