Win 7 : How to empty recycle bin?

tintop, Apr 2, 10:13pm
Any pointers please ?


king1, Apr 2, 10:15pm
right click -> empty recycle bin

king1, Apr 2, 10:18pm
or from a command prompt if you want
rd /s %systemdrive%\$Recycle.bin

tintop, Apr 2, 10:19pm
Comes up greyed out .

tintop, Apr 2, 10:22pm
Access Denied

king1, Apr 2, 10:23pm
means its empty normally. if you open it is anything in the bin

king1, Apr 2, 10:23pm
run command prompt as administrator

jim205, Apr 2, 10:25pm
if that's the case i am no expert but i would guess it's already empty.

tintop, Apr 2, 10:27pm
Thanks guys - I will get back to it later.

Just had my orders to go and get a load of topsoil for the garden :)

" Get away from that b. y computer! "

Grr - school teachers on holiday .

mrfxit, Apr 3, 12:09am
Easy test, create a folder & fill it with copys of photo's etc.
Delete it & check your recycle bin

Note: COPY & PASTE . do NOT drag & drop regardless of what the function says

ceebee2, Apr 3, 12:16am
If it is greyed out but looks like it has stuff in it, shut PC / Laptop down cold and reboot should remedy it.

newbie5, Apr 3, 3:52am
Geezus some people give stupid advice.
Open recycle bin and at the top you will see "EMPTY RECYCLE BIN" click on that and then a pop up will ask you to confirm click yes then about 30 seconds later it is empty.
before anyone comes back and says that is wrong I just did mine about 5 minutes ago before I read this post and I have done it the same way before.
Win 7

king1, Apr 3, 4:20am
How is any of the above advice stupid?
Your advice is stupid as you are simply repeating what has already been suggested, albeit yours is the long way.

skin1235, Apr 3, 5:22am
OP claims empty recycle bin is greyed out

cookee_nz, Apr 3, 6:02am
Agreed. Just confirmed on my PC (cause I just do it without thinking about it). Some items were in there, and context-menu (right click) had "Empty Recyle Bin" as normal and available. Then actually opened the recycle bin, this showed the items within and also had "Empty Recycle Bin" on the menu bar. Then did empty (from right-click), all items gone. Option now greyed out on context-menu, and the empty option does not even appear on the menu bar if bin opened. Right-click is the way for smart users, so very under-rated and so powerful.

deodar1, Apr 3, 9:08am
tintop wrote:
Thanks guys - I will get back to it later.

Just had my orders to go and get a load of topsoil for the garden :)
Get some chickenshit too.

tintop, Apr 3, 10:21am
Right - chickens aside - it seem that there was nothing in my recycle bin. Doh!

Thanks sll for your efforts :)

newbie5, Apr 4, 12:26am
My way is the proper way.
your suggestions are going about it a long and confusing way for a novice

king1, Apr 4, 12:39am
There is no 'proper' way, just whatever way works for each.

But, if you want to compare [ahem] sizes, post #2 is at least two clicks less than your way. Other options were provided in case there were corrupt files stuck in the bin, which can happen on occassion.

You are really just showing that you are the novice here.

newbie5, Mar 24, 4:19pm
I probably know more than you think and yes I agree with #2 but not the other suggestions for someone who doesnt know what to do

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