Graphics card advice please

a.woodrow, Feb 27, 7:28am
I want to play a game that recommends a gtx 460 or Radeon HD 7800 . I'm not a habitual gamer and don't want to invest too much coin in a card that won't get a lot of use, I understand that the gtx460 is an older card now, could anyone recommend a budget buy for a modern equivalent please? or perhaps something with a slightly lower spec? (the game lists a minimum spec of a GeForce 8800GT/Radeon HD 3870/Intel HD Graphics 4000)

I am running with just an intregrated intel HD 2000 GPU currently, so I guess anything is a step up. A limiting factor might be my PSU which is only 450w.

Any advice would be appreciated, we also stream a bit so would like to keep HDMI.

black-heart, Feb 27, 9:36am
name the game?

ianab, Feb 27, 9:57am
GTX 750?

About the best card you can get that's pcie bus powered. A bit more grunt that the older 460, but newer technology means less power consumption. Specs recommend a 400w PSU.

schizoid, Feb 27, 10:43am
Not all PSU's are built equal. A high quality 400w will power most cards out there, a poor quality one wont.

Maybe let us know what game, what model your power supply is, and what your budget is.

So far the GTX 750 recommended above is a good start though.

lythande1, Feb 27, 5:27pm
No, you are better off buying an old card that is the equivalent rather than the latest card that isn't good enough.

a.woodrow, Feb 27, 7:29pm
Thanks for the advice so far, this is the game:

I want to spend as little as possible whilst still comfortably running the game, so whatever that $$ works out to be :)

schizoid, Jun 29, 4:00am
if buying new, a GT 740 or R7 250 will be the cheapest capable cards you can get. If buying secondhand, there are many other options.

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