RIP global mode

Ill be using unblockus when it stops in september.

geek_nzoomed, Jun 25, 8:04 pm

until our government follows Australia and pass a law making offshore vpns illegal and kickass torrents pirate bay sites illegal to access. As law passed today dont know how they intend to police it. Havent seen details just family in Aus annoyed over it. Just about guarantee our gov will follow suit

geek_gilco2, Jun 25, 8:26 pm

Well there is nothing illegal about global mode because its not illegal in itself what it is designed to do and that is access sites, the internet is a free place and we should not be restricted to what sites we can and cant visit.

Paying netflix US is not in itself illegal either.

geek_nzoomed, Jun 25, 11:37 pm

UnblockUS definitely.

geek_katje, Jun 26, 11:27 am

I'd like to know how they can possibly prevent anyone from using an overseas VPN.

geek_badcam, Jun 26, 12:48 pm

VPN isn't for the exclusive use of people breaking geo blocking any more than all torrents are illegal to access.

geek_morticia, Jul 21, 10:05 pm

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