Flying Curser

Why does my curser suddenly take wings and fly right off the screen in a hurry, when I'm not moving it? Sometimes I go to click on something and it flies way out so I click on the wrong thing, it's so fast I can't see it go! Other times it goes completely off the screen altogether.

geek_jenwren26, Aug 2, 12:46 pm

If using mouse? Turn off the touchpad.

geek_gsimpson, Aug 2, 1:04 pm

No touch pad. It is a desk top computer, still on XP. If I drag something to drop somewhere the item disappears right off the screen with the curser but is usually still attached to it when I move the mouse around to get it back into the viewable area of the screen. It's not seriously troubling, just annoying.

geek_jenwren26, Aug 2, 1:31 pm

What browser are you using i.e. internet explorer, chrome, firefox, Mozilla ?

geek_therafter1, Aug 2, 4:22 pm

Borrow another mouse to try and see if that is the problem.

geek_gsimpson, Aug 2, 5:41 pm

Clean your table/ mouse pad / hair stuck inside the laser or replace the mouse

geek_mrfxit, Apr 9, 3:57 pm

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