AV wireless around the house.

Looking for guidance please - is it possible to transmit wirelessly the combined output signal of the Satellite LNB and Terrestial signals so that the various tv sets, each with their own dedicated receiver, can display different channels/programmes from each other without having cables running everywhere. Thanks.

geek_rojill, Feb 21, 9:50 pm

Yes. Lots of DVB to IP gateway solutions but would be costly, my guess would be $10-20K for the basics and performance over wireless would depend on environment and the wireless access points used.


geek_spyware, Feb 21, 10:13 pm

Try Broadway by Hauppage.

geek_chris.2001, Feb 22, 9:07 am

If going to Hauppage level you can run TVHeadend server on a linux box (the new quad core R Pi maybe) and use Kodi as a client (Intel NUC maybe). You can also add storage at server end and serve movies, Plex media server works with Apple TV trailers app using a DNS redirect on trailers.apple.com.

geek_spyware, Feb 22, 10:41 am

Note: The wireless is the weak point.

Running RG-6 coax for DVB-T to TV tuner (no other decoder required) is trivial in most buildings. Adding DVB-S or HDMI sources to a DVB-T mux with suitable hardware would then be an option.


geek_spyware, Jul 20, 5:18 pm

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