Getting the internet on my smart tv,

helen131, Aug 19, 11:12am
Hi can anyone out there help me? I am trying to get the internet on my tv. My modem is at the other end of the house so the tv is as far as it can be away from my modem. I have been told I would need quite a few wireless extenders which arent that good because of data transfer hiccups. I bought Powernet 50 which are two wall plugins with cables one to the modem and one to the tv. They were suppose to talk to each other enabling my tv connection but no, it didnt happen. Any suggestions? Thanks to anyone who can help? Helen

mr_bond, Aug 20, 12:59am
The power lines thing is unfortunately the easy option, but I can see there may be circumstances where they don't work, ie two closed loops of electrical wiring servicing the different ends of your house.

Other than wireless, can you run a network cable (ie cat 5 or cat 6) to a point that is closer between the two points? Would then be straightforward to link your modem to some form of repeater (ie a wireless access point). Woudn't need to be all the way to the TV, just close enought to be clear of any substantial obstacles (eg concrete block walls, cars/other large metal objects) so that the wireless signal could reach the TV.

If not you may be out of luck, although others on here may have other ideas?

ross1970, Aug 20, 1:38am
Depending on the house I'd be running an ethernet cable. Got a concrete pad floor or a wooden floor you can get under?

helen131, Jan 30, 3:58pm
Thanks Mr bond and ross. For your information, I am getting a LAN cable from my office to the lounge where the tv is. It is going to go through the ceiling as I have a concrete floor and it is a big brick house with a few corners/obstructions. Thank you for your replies.

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