Samsung galaxy problem

Working fine till around two weeks ago and now it wont send txts in certain places where it had no problem sending before. Sometimes it can take hours to "kick in" to receiving txts even in city areas. Phone calls are the same. Just comes up not connected to network. Have replaced the sim, cleared data on messaging and taken out sim battery and sd card for ten minutes and done a reset but no luck. Any suggestions? Next step is a factory setting reset I guess but I dont even think this will work either.

geek_heidi9, Mar 22, 11:01 am

I've seen a similar problem on a Samsugn phone. A factory reset fixed it. Not saying it will with yours but it's worth a try.

geek_suicidemonkey, Mar 22, 11:13 am

Also I know of a friend with the a similar prob and called Vodafone who stated had issues only with certain cell numbers. Was fixed soon after.

geek_ceebee2, Mar 23, 2:12 pm

I often miss calls and just get the text straight after to say "you missed a call from . "
At work, the reception is crap and there may also be interference from some electrical equipment but unsure of the details of that.
It also does this to me at home sometimes which is annoying.

geek_daryl14, Apr 23, 9:05 am

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