Got the Apple I7 - now what?

Alrighty, bought a refurbished Apple I7 15" 2012 off T/me from a reputable dealer. I wish for some of us it came with an operating manual. Is there one - or do I need to buy an Idiots guide. Having had an Acer and Hp running on windows I thought I 'd go up to Apple. I turned it on, managed to set up and get on wifi. found the internet. but can't figure out a whole lot more. i.e. - how to add sites to favourites. how to set up email.
or do I need to hire a teenager to teach me this new Apple logic and operating features.

geek_rumbledoll, May 22, 5:27 pm

just go to youtube and ask those questions.

geek_ryanm2, May 22, 5:33 pm

Google OS X help

geek_jon9, May 22, 5:36 pm

Apple support website is very good:

Also thousands of tutorials online if you do a quick Google.

geek_mazdasix, May 22, 5:38 pm

Also i7 is the processor not the device name

geek_mazdasix, May 22, 5:39 pm

Alrighty - thanks for any advice.

geek_rumbledoll, May 22, 6:11 pm

download google chrome and use a browser your familiar with rather than safari (might help).

geek_black-heart, May 22, 6:49 pm

geek_gibler, May 22, 7:25 pm

Chrome is a bit of a dog on OS X (well it was last time I used it). Safari is well optimised and very fast.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 22, 7:34 pm

Yeah your probably right, I was coming from the angle he probably has used chrome under windows, so knows how to do things like add bookmarks.

geek_black-heart, May 22, 7:53 pm

just mouse across the top. you will see things really aren't that much different. eg 'add bookmark' should seem fairly obvious that it could mean favorite? . I don't often use or like windoze but can always do what I need on them just the same.
There are always help menus, or like has been said already, just google anything for the answer. Setup mail is just the same. Take a look at prefs or accounts, click + and it will lead you thru it.

geek_brycer, May 22, 8:00 pm

a bit of an arguable statement here ;)

geek_flower_tears, May 22, 8:20 pm

A fact more than a statement

geek_suicidemonkey, Oct 28, 5:16 am

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