Computer switching off

shannon61, Feb 21, 11:58pm
my computer switches off when playing facebook games like candy crush it lets me do 2 or 3 lives then just shuts down, also can watch only about 20 mins of a tv program or video, any ideas on why and how to fix problem thanks

ross1970, Feb 22, 12:02am
maybe overheating, clean out the dust.

shannon61, Feb 22, 12:09am
yes I have done that

shannon61, Feb 22, 12:10am
also i am talking about a desk top

newbie5, Feb 22, 12:28am
have a look at your power settings.
it might be set to shut down after 30 mins or something like that

morticia, Feb 22, 12:37am
It also depends what was done to clean it.

lostdude, Feb 22, 2:57am
Check event viewer logs for reason of shutdown.

soodanim, Feb 22, 3:00am
Leave the side off. Start it up. Are all fans spinning?

cookee_nz, Feb 22, 5:54am - pop the cover off, check the capacitors for bulging/leaking.

newbie5, Feb 23, 12:21am
Op hasnt come back to say what worked so we will never know what the problem was and that means anyone else with the same problem cant be advised what to do

jokerboss, Feb 23, 12:39am
I would bet a dollar on bad RAM

black-heart, Feb 23, 1:24am
candy crush is known to send computers into comas, out of boredom.

newbie5, Feb 23, 5:38am
I still think it is something to do with power settings

byinstuff, Feb 23, 9:26pm
Had it once where the glue that held the heat dispenser to the mother board had broken down or eroded so there was not full contact and therefore no heat dispersion. It will be likely be cooling or PSU related.

lugee, Feb 23, 9:34pm
Surely if they are playing games, they'd be moving the mouse and pressing keys, which would be preventing power settings from coming into play since the computer isn't idle?

cafc2012, Feb 23, 11:50pm
If it's not the capacitors, it may be the valves.

cafc2012, Feb 24, 1:06am
It sounds like an overheating problem. If you a confident looking inside the case, do as others have suggested and look at whether all of the fans are working when the PC is on, and not just the case fans that move air about the insie of the case, but in particular the fan that sits on top of your CPU, that is the most important one as it is drawing heat away from the CPU cooling fins, and keeping your CPU inside it's safe operating temperature. If the CPU gets too hot, it will automatically shut down the computer to protect itself from damage.

If you are not comfortable looking inside the case, get it to a repair shop.

namtak, Feb 24, 11:59pm
It might also be a power supply fault.

neoslowmo, Jul 8, 5:10am
I read that somewhere too

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