Mouse on laptop not working. Help!

bo_peepish, Mar 7, 5:58am
My son was playing on my mums laptop and I think he bumped something. If you run you finger over touchpad the cursor doesn't move. or it does for about 2 seconds then stops. I've been trying to get in to the settings to see if something was accidentally disabled but it's impossible without the use of mouse. I have discovered tho that if I hold BOTH left and right mouse keys down the cursor moves. Would any one have any suggestions on what I can try? TIA :)

gammelvind, Mar 7, 6:09am
Try a full TOTO repair, Turn it Off, remove battery, wait a minute replace battery and Turn it On, repairs many computer problems.

datoofairy, Mar 7, 6:11am
Try Fn + F5, or which ever Function key has wee picture of the mousepad on it.

newbie5, Jun 10, 10:17pm
plug in a usb mouse

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