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niffer13, Mar 30, 8:12pm
I belong to several groups that puts all the email addresses at the top of email for our news letter. I am now on a committee that runs a garden group & we are getting an ear bashing from a members husband re all the addresses at the top. He says you can catch a virus. Funny I have been getting emails like this for over 6 years & no virus. He is making it very unpleasant for me as I know him personally. In fact I don't want to go to social get togethers due to his persistence. Help please.

niffer13, Mar 30, 8:14pm
I know we can use BCC but we are trying to get the group to be more friendly & contact one another besides our monthly outings. Like if you have too much produce/plants send members an email to give them away to.

r.g.nixon, Mar 30, 8:17pm
How about setting up a group on Google?

king1, Mar 30, 8:19pm
Just stick his email in the BCC and everyone is happy.

In some ways he is correct in that if your email account/PC is compromised then all your contacts ie the mailing list, can and likely will start receiving copious amounts of spam and phishing emails - this can lead to viruses or worse if someone inadvertently opens something they shouldn't.

brycer, Mar 30, 8:19pm
Won't cause a virus, but does increase the chances of your emails getting added to spam lists. Use BCC.
While each and every member seeing who else is a member is probably not a big issue in the case of clubs, I have seen it from businesses which shows you their whole customer list. Rather useful for their competition.
Always use BCC and you won't have a problem. Problem solved.

niffer13, Mar 30, 8:25pm
Tried that & he doesn't like that either as I take it all the other address are still at the top? Not sure about that BUT it does mean no one knows his address.

brycer, Mar 30, 8:29pm
Nope. you used CC, not BCC. As mentioned, use BCC Blind carbon copy. that's what it is for.
Explains it all here.

niffer13, Mar 30, 8:39pm
So If one email goes out with all address in the top or cc but his in Bcc Then he doesn't see those addresses at the top?
Sorry I'm a bit slow.

brycer, Mar 30, 8:41pm

brycer, Mar 30, 8:42pm
No, you put everyone's address (or the group) in BCC. By doing what you just said he sees everyone else's but no one else can see his. the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve to keep him happy.

niffer13, Mar 30, 8:55pm
To be honest I don't want to keep him happy just off my back. The ladies receiving the email with all the addresses seem happy with that arrangement as they can use that info to contact one another. Its funny that no one wants to run the group & since we took over we have been getting lots of praise.
We have sent out the whole years program & I think my best plan of action when he next sees me {tonight} & I know he wont be able to help himself Tell him its all sorted that we wont be sending him any more email & for his wife to check the years program & come to the hall where we meet each month for details of where to travel. I know it sounds a bit petty BUT his bloke has fallen out with other groups in the area & likes to be top dog!

cjdnzl, Mar 30, 11:51pm
It's usually regarded as poor form to include everybody's addresses in group emails, especially if they weren't asked beforehand. This guy's is actually correct, in that one leaked email can compromise all the addresses listed in it, leaving them all open to spammers, quite apart from privacy considerations where a recipient may well not want their address published where unspecified people can read it.
The correct 'nettiquet' is to use bcc, or a closed Yahoo group.

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 7, 9:07am
He is right, you shouldn't be sending out emails like that. The ladies probably don't understand the risk of the current situation. Use BCC. If you want everyone to have everyone's email address then send out an excel spreadsheet with peoples contact details.

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