TV audio question

rpvr, Jan 3, 1:59am
I bought a set of wireless headphones (fairly cheap ones) to see if they would help my elderly rather deaf mother with hearing her TV sound. They came with two connections on the emitter, an RCA plug and a 3.5mm plug. They work fine with the RCA plugged into audio out on an old tv that I have, but my Mum's tv only has a 3.5mm audio out socket and a digital audio out, so I thought the former should work. Nothing. The headphones otherwise work fine as an FM radio receiver. Any suggestions? I have tried emailing the seller but no reply despite the fact that he continues to trade daily, which is a bit disappointing.

spyware, Jan 3, 2:19am
Are you sure the 3.5 mm is audio out rather than an input (if meant to be paired with the VGA head).

tmenz, Jan 3, 2:43am
Is the 3.5mm output socket on your TV supposed to be line audio out or is it a headphone jack?
If it's a headphone jack, then have you got the headphone volume wound up - some sets have an independent headphone volume setting in a menu.
It would help if you told us the make and model of the TV? And the headphones.
Does the 3.5mm plug have 2 or 3 connections on it? (tip & sleeve or tip, ring and sleeve.)

rpvr, Jan 3, 3:51am
It actually says audio out next to the socket. I also tried the headphone socket, which also didn't work.

rpvr, Jan 3, 3:55am
32" Samsung, I don't have the model number but will get it tomorrow and report back. Will be the curtent model I suspect, as it was only bought about 4 months ago.The plug on the headphone emitter unit has 3 connections.

sparkyz, Jan 3, 8:13am
You may have to go into the Menu on the TV and scroll to the audio/speaker settings and select headphones.

mark119, Jan 3, 9:27pm
I've encountered the same problem with a Samsung 32" TV recently bought. I think the 3.5mm audio out of the TV is also a digital one in a AC3/DTS or PCM format, I don't know which one it is at the 3.5mm output.
I wanted a headphone connection as well so bought a PCM DAC converter using the toslink connection and all is well.

Digital analog converters (DACs) are available from Jaycar. Cost about $115 including $15 for the toslink cable.

rpvr, Jan 3, 10:37pm
The headphones were fairly cheap so I'm not that bothered. What does bother me is the large scale trader I bought from will not answer my emails Feedback shows he's done this before when there is an issue. It's not as if he is on holiday because he has current trades.

poohy99, Jan 4, 12:14am
Did you check those outputs with conventional wired headphones to be sure they are live?

rpvr, Jan 9, 10:12pm
Just getting around to sorting this issue and will check this weekend. But does anyone know if TVs with a 3.5mm jack for audio out require a 2 contact or 3 contact plug?

wayne416, Jan 9, 10:37pm
Most modern TVs are stereo so a 3 contact one.

rpvr, Jan 11, 3:30am
These headphones can be plugged in direct (a cable is supplied). When I do this I get audio in ONE headphone only, the one without the batteries and volume control. In this situation the volume control on the other headphone makes no difference. Something not right!

morticia, Feb 3, 8:19am
The 32inch Samsung here has PC speakers plugged in to the headphone or audio out jack (can't remember which it's labelled) for the same reason and they work fine.

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