Recommend me a laptop please.

For a uni student doing film and media studies, around under $900. Is quad core better than dual core? She had a Toshiba and liked that - worth just getting another the same? Thanks.

geek_maisy1, Feb 11, 8:45 pm

In that price range you don't want a quad core.

Anyway laptops are all about trade offs so think about what is important. You can have combinations of high performance, good build quality, portability, long battery life and reasonable price but not all together in the same device.

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 11, 8:58 pm

Why not a quad core?

geek_maisy1, Feb 11, 9:04 pm

You can get quad core for under $900, we got an HP for $600 that is quad core, it goes great does everything we need it too and has great battery life.

geek_honeysacat, Feb 11, 9:15 pm

Not all cores are created equal. A Intel dual core i3 or i5 will be better than a low end AMD quad for example. And at that budget, that's probably what you are looking at.

If by film and media studies you mean theory, and not necessarily video editing and the like, you wont need a quad core anyway.

geek_schizoid, Feb 12, 5:22 am

Because none of the quad cores in that price range provide very good performance - the Intel ones in particular are Atom based and very slow (note some of these are labelled Celeron and Pentium)

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 12, 5:26 am

geek_maisy1, Feb 12, 6:10 am

Any serious video editing will be involved?

geek_flower_tears, Feb 12, 6:30 am

You can do a lot better than that for the price - that dGPU is not worth having, barely faster than modern integrated graphics and the display is terrible

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 12, 6:42 am


geek_phalanax, Feb 12, 6:50 am

wow what a rip off.

geek_velenski, Feb 12, 7:55 pm

Well she loves it, we're happy so that's all that matters. It's got everything she needed and at it's only money, not our life savings.

geek_maisy1, Feb 12, 8:32 pm

"barely faster than modern integrated graphics" its over twice as fast as Intel's HD4000.

geek_honeysacat, Feb 12, 9:27 pm

I would ask them to roll back to Win 7 instead of Win 8 or 8.1

geek_newbie5, Feb 12, 9:53 pm

Which is now two generations old.

geek_vtecintegra, Feb 12, 10:13 pm

geek_deus701, Aug 18, 11:12 am