Recommendations for sourcing laptop screen parts?

dinx, Feb 15, 6:21am
Some wee "angel" has broken the teens laptop screen likely by using her bag as a bolster cushion, grrr.

Its a Chromebook and should be very each to swap it out, but am keen on any recommendations on good places to order LED screens from, have the correct model ID for the LED panel etc.

And yes, I know they are sold on here but at NZD150 + $20 shipping its a "little" (sounds like a Tui Ad) high especially compared to some of the under USD40 plus shipping that I'm seeing overseas.

sqidlie, Feb 15, 8:00am
I have had no problems with laptop parts shipped from China using Ebay
Most of tthe sellers stand behind their products as you have Ebay protection
Just make sure you read the items discription and see if it is the right part before ordering
Double check and check again

drsr, Feb 15, 8:30am
Yes to eBay, I got a Chromebook replacement screen delivered for about $NZ52 last year, and it was the work of minutes to replace. The seller was "laptop-recyclers".

dinx, Aug 8, 3:57pm
I found the vids on how to do it, so easy I'm not going to pay someone to do that lol. Thanks for the feedback, I think I will end up going with one of these sellers, but I've been warned there are shipping delays out of China due to Chinese New Year from 15th Feb so might be better to use a seller that charges shipping from elsewhere.

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